Though it is freezing in Scandinavia, they drink cold water. The colder the better. The best is with ice.
They think warm water is not refreshing and disgusting.
We drink water in room temperature in Hong Kong. According to Chinese medicine theory, we (especially girls) should avoid cold drinks because it disturb the balance in the body.
Trying to drink warm water is not easy in Scandinavia. Drinking water is always ice cold. I need to boil hot water to mix with cold water. Needless to say the locals think this is very WEIRD.
Eating out is even worst, they DO NOT understand what warm water is. They know only boiling water or ‘normal water’ (which is icy).
They think I want to drink tea every time I ask for warm water.
I need to bring my own water if I don’t want to drink ice in the winter.

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