The scary winter is coming

The most scary season – WINTER is coming. Daytime is getting shorter and shorter every day.
The worst thing about winter in Scandinavia is not the coldness, but the darkness. In some area inside the Arctic Circle, they don’t even have daylight for a couple months.
In Oslo, we are very ‘lucky’ that we have sun from 9.00 to 15.00 even in the darkest time (winter solstice) . Daytime “will grow” after December, in June we have the longest daytime (from 4.00-23.00). Daylight in Scandinavia is really confusing, you can never tell what time it is from the sky brightness, because it is changing ALL the time. In winter you feel like having dinner already at 16.00 because it looks late. In summer you get overstimulated and forget to sleep.

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